Yesterday, the Taiwan based startup HTC has announced their latest flagship smartphone “HTC One A9” in U.S market, offering it for $399.99 unlocked. The company mentioned $399.99 price as just a promotion price for limited time.

The date for limited time offer was missing out but, thankfully today the HTC firm gives clear idea about the same and given a date i.e., November 6 up to which the offer is valid. The new price $499.99 will be charged from 12:01 a.m. on 11/7. So, hurry up if you like the handset. If you want to see the details of the handset then click on HTC One A9 link.

HTC One A9 Topaz Gold colourFor your info the handset costs a lot more in Europe compared to the US. HTC also indirectly touched base on this, saying “the cost of the HTC One A9 is the same worldwide to all distributors and operator partners. For end consumers, HTC’s sales regions are given the freedom to set prices and promotions as they see fit for local market needs.”