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Unlock Lg G6 Ice Platinum


Have you purchased the Lg G6 Ice Platinum phone which is locked to a particular network and country? We can provide the correct unlock for your Lg G6 Ice Platinum. Once the phone will be network-free you can use the default as well as other carrier SIM cards. Unlocking a device by code is the easiest method. We provide all sets of codes including NCK, SPCK, NSCK (if in the server only one set code will be available then you will receive only NCK code).

Unlocking of a phone/tablet by code is the one-time work. Means, every time you will change the carrier, there is no need to unlock it. Unlocking by Code does not involve any software or firmware change, means you will not lose warranty.

In order to receive a correct network unlock code for your Lg G6 Ice Platinum, we need only 15-digit correct IMEI number. You can find the correct IMEI in the phone settings or can be also found by dialing the *#06# as a phone number.

How long we need to wait for an LG phone unlock code?

The approximate delivery time for an LG unlock code is 10 minutes to 12 hrs.

The average response time for an LG unlock code is 20 minutes (based on last 100 orders).

How to Unlock Lg G6 Ice Platinum by SIM Unlock Code?

First Method

1. Switch off the phone.

2. Remove the default carrier SIM card and insert any unacceptable SIM card (other than default carrier).

3. Switch On the phone.

4. It will prompt to enter the unlock code / NCK.

5. Type the unlock code, which is provided by

6. Now your Lg G6 Ice Platinum is network-free to use with any SIM card.

Second Method

1. Switch ON the Lg G6 Ice Platinum with the original carrier SIM card.

2. Dial 2945#*model-number# (Note: If device model is LG KB936 then combination will be *936#. If device model is KU999 then combination will be *999#).

3. A menu should pop-up >> select here SIM Unlock or Network Lock.

4. Enter the NCK code and press OK.

5. Your phone may reboot automatically to display the network.

6. Now Lg G6 Ice Platinum is unlocked forever.

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