A new leak coming from a case manufacturer Ringke has revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could allow for a new and unique way to eject the S-Pen stylus from the phablet.

Earlier, U.S. based Patent & Trademark Office shows that the company has been working on an automatically ejectable touch pen system for its Galaxy Note series of smartphones.  What’s interesting about the patent is that the user can release the touch pen from its holder with a special voice command and/or gesture.automatic pen

Apparently, the automatically ejectable touch pen system relies on two electromagnets with the same polarity as the magnet in the pen, to push it away from the handset, rather than having the user manually have to dig it out. The second magnet has the opposite polarity, so the pen with tend to protrude from the end of the handset without flying out and potentially getting lost.opposite polarity to push the touch pen out of its holder.

This could also integrate with the software where the user is informed via a message whenever the touch pen is ejected. There is also a description of a new locking mechanism which is software-based; voice command, swipe action or a button press can enable a user to eject the pen without having to manually pull it out.

Furthermore, Samsung’s patent shows a new locking mechanism to keep the stylus in place when not required. There’s a small motor and arm lock located inside the device which hooks into a groove around the edge of the pen. Again, this suggests that the unlocking mechanism would be software based, perhaps allowing the user to eject the pen with a voice command, swipe action, or button press.

Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Note 5 on the 12th of August with a release apparently scheduled for August 21, so we still have a month to know if this revelation is legitimate.

image source, via1