In the event if you are questioning when Windows 10 Smartphone may be introduced, the best advice we have observed however arrived now from a Microsoft professional in Southafrica.


Anthony Doherty, Windows and Surface Business Group Lead at Microsoft SA, advised the fresh OS construct can come throughout the “November time-frame.”

windows 10 mobile

Doherty also tackled a few of the items which were going on at Microsoft, including the current job cuts, which he mentioned revolved around over-Lapping workers in engineering, marketing. The job reductions, he explained, “were extended in-coming.”

For anyone Windows Phone buffs disturb because Microsoft is writing programs for Android and iOS, Doherty claims that this really is not because the organization is offering Windows Phone. He states that Windows 10 Mobile isn’t signal whole and included that Microsoft needs cellular customers to “access the tool-sets they favor and adore, across any ecosystem. Which has been been our strategy all-along.”