Bharti Airtel and Idea cellular, two top telecom providers of India, have increased their prices for his or her post-paid customers by around one-fifth. Airtel has raised information charges in Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, UP East and UPWARD West groups. However, Idea cellular did the same in Delhi, Punjab and UP West.

Airtel-Idea-VodafonePost-paid clients of the telephony providers, in the sectors stated earlier, now have to pay Rs 300 for 1GB 3G information, against Rs 250 before. Observe that Airtel has accordingly increased its 4G charges also. According to the info submitted on Airtel website, 1 Gigabyte 4G info today charges Rs 300 while before it employed to price Rs 250.

The Number 2 telecom operator of India, Vodafone however hasn’t raised its charges and proceeds to provide 1 GB 3G data at Rs 250 in Delhi group.

Previously in June, Airtel, Idea as well as Vodafone had increased 2G and 3G pre-paid charges by up to 4-7%.